iChime - The "Play Anything" Doorbell

Includes dozens of built-in high quality songs and sounds
Fully recordable to play anything you want
Records live, or from your CD or MP3 player
No complicated USB connection or drivers required.

CogaPA - Automotive PA system with cool sound effects

Automotive Public Address System
Musical Car Horn with over 80 sounds
Recordable Car Horn to record and play back

Musical Doorbell - No More Boring Dings Dongs

Choose from over 120 built in songs and sounds
Program any song via the built in piano-like keyboard
As featured on HGTV's Curb Appeal


All these products are all lots of fun and bring a smile to people's faces on a daily basis and they make a great gift. All sort of sounds and songs can be programmed in. Over the years we have seen and heard some pretty strange things. College fight songs are always a favorite. TV and movie themes and sounds are also used, such as the caddyshack horn, or the Jetson's or Addams Family doorbell. Old favorites such as the Wedding March, Pomp and Circumstance for Graduations, La Cucharacha or La Cucaracha (however you spell it), Dixie, The Marine Hymn are always popular also. Animal sounds are also a big hit, everything from an Aardvark to a Zebra. Well, ok we don't know what an aardvark sounds like either but how about a dog barking or a cow mooing, or a pig squealing or a lion roaring or... you get the idea!